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Structured Water: Has the best health supplement been right under our noses for all this time?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Water has been sacred everywhere around the world and since the dawn of mankind, but in our modern ways we have completely forgotten it. (By We I mean the western world we live in. Most of us reading this kind of content are already aware that water is not what it is said to be)

Instead of respecting water with its incredible properties, we've simplified it to the extreme and simplified its usage.

"Drink 2 Liters of water a day" is what most people know about using water for health. The simplification that drinking a lot of water will hydrate and keep somebody healthy... I won't detail how this can be terribly counterproductive by reducing the stomach acidity or lowering overall nutrient absorption in the intestines, but this is sadly the number one thing people will say about water. Advised by the same who recommend three sources of carbohydrates at once for breakfast...cereals, milk and orange juice... even toast with honey (make it 5 sources of carbs why not?)

We are also contaminating water. Most water companies in the western world (outside of Europe) add fluoride and aluminum to it, so that's what water has been reduced to: A vessel for neurotoxins.

Water's 3 phases are right now challenged; a growing number of scientists and health professionals have run experiments that now prove some of the sacred properties of water. That 4th phase of water, between solid and liquid, is not going anywhere. And the properties of that water phase are completely under studied.

For example, water memory, can water retain memory, can water blessed by prayers carry a specific property as a result? Is this why Christian tradition has blessed water or blessing food before eating? Is this why a lot of sacred healing sites are water sites like Lourdes in France.

Experiments by Jacques Benveniste or Luc Montagnier show that this water memory, or the ability to retain the vibration of its environment, does exist. (Note that in 1988 Jacques Benveniste, one of the most respected French scientist of the times, lost pretty much everything after publishing his results in Nature) Or that Luc Montagnier, a nobel Prize for the co discovery of the HIV virus is similarly shunned for the same reason...

Click below for a fair look back on the Benveniste experiment and how it looks better and better as other scientists look into it.

Water memory is still a taboo topic. It's the way innovation and progress is never accepted at the beginning as it critically challenges established dogma. If we're wrong on water, what else are we wrong about? What exactly is the role of structured water in living beings? Is water even more important than we thought?

As research keeps going, as products like the vortexer jug are making structured water accessible, and as reviews from all over the world are showing very strong benefits, this question is truly the elephant in the room!

Is Structured Water the simplest and best supplement there is? It has no downside, and only upside. Feedback is overwhelming and empiric evidence starts mounting, pets, plants and humans alike.

We know that our cells have those tiny channels called aquaporins (Peter Agre, 2003 Nobel Prize of Chemistry) and that the size and polarity of those channels could explain why structured water hydrates cells so well. It's a key to understand why structuring water is a game changer, and hydration is key to homeostasis (the state of good health).

We even have theories, that the lack of structured water in the cellular terrain is linked to inflammation and disease? Can restoring the structured water in our body as when we're young a key to longer life in good health?

Should structured water be part of ANY frontline healing protocols on top of the existing recommended treatment?

Now it is that easy to make structured water at home, it probably should. This is why we're partnering with health pioneers to check whether this water can further enhance existing protocols.

In the mean time, get a jug to drink more, enjoy drinking and feel better. Prevention should always be the goal so we can enjoy life to the fullest.

If you're a holistic health practitioner looking to partner with us, please apply to our Pioneers program here.

If you would like to find out more about the Water Vortexer Jug and how to make Structured Water at your home or office, click here.

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