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World-class scientists explore potential of Structured Water in Covid-19 treatment

According to the website for the University of Washington, their Bioengineering department have pivoted their research topics since mid-2020 to focus on finding ways to help solve for the coronavirus pandemic (see here). Professor Gerald Pollack, leading water scientist and author of, "The Fourth Phase of Water", runs a lab team at UW which are looking into whether structured water molecules might exclude the coronavirus in the same way it excludes other viruses (hence its other name, "Exclusion Zone water").

Could someone whose body's cells are dehydrated of structured water be more susceptible to Covid-19? If so, could replenishing one's cells with structured water, including drinking vortexed water, help prevent someone from catching it, lessen its symptoms and/or speed-up recovery from Covid?

A press release from a Structured Water technology group last week (LIFE+ Molecule Water, 28th July, 2021), claims that a team of scientists based in Malaysia have already trialled structured water as a therapy for Covid-19 patients and proven that it does reduce the severity of the symptoms and shorten recovery time.

The R&D team at LIFE+ explained how Structured Water works to reduce Covid-19 and vaccine symptoms:

"[Structured] water molecules are naturally restructured into a hexagonal, honeycomb shaped lattice that enables ionized OH- electrons to be highly charged and attached. This altered structure was tested to have smaller molecules, negative ionisation and higher viscosity, facilitating higher oxygen saturation (SpO2) (*coronavirus is known to decrease saturated oxygen levels in the blood) as well as vital nutrient and better hydration absorption in human bodies." Full press release here:

They specifically call-out the natural and non-intrusive nature of drinking structured water versus ventilators and intubation...

The anti-inflammatory properties of Structured Water (i.e. its negative charge and higher oxygen delivery) give rise to an infinite number of possibilities for therapeutic use. If you would like to make Structured Water yourself that is sustainable and portable, consider purchasing a Living Water Vortexer Jug today!

For less than 72 cents per day (based on minimum 2 year manufacturer's warranty) you can be drinking Structured Water all day, every day at your home, school, office, on the move...

Find out more here.

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James Dous
James Dous
18 févr. 2023

Well the covid article just lost you all the credibility you had.

You should know that humans can not transmit disease. IMPOSSIBLE.

We can trigger each other to detox , though to be infected you need to be injected.

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