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Understanding Structured Water

This is potentially the most important health scientific (re-)discovery of the 20th century. What's interesting is that it is not a discovery according to Ancient medicinal knowledge or even religious knowledge. There is a good reason why water has always held a special place in religious rituals or medicinal traditions. Modern scientific equipment is now showing what some of us always knew!


Water has a 4th state. A state (liquid /solid) with unique properties and science is only starting to catch up. Famously called the 4th phase of water by Gerald Pollack, a pioneer in the field, or exclusionary zone water, dynamized water, energized water, structured water, vortexed water, magnetized water, it is the same state of water being studied. It's the same state as water flowing in a river, the same state as the water that humanity has drank for thousands of years. Water whose molecules are H3O2 and charged negatively instead of H20 with a neutral net charge. It's the water in your all your healthy cells! And in healthy plants and animals.

Whilst the study of structured water has been rejected by mainstream science, the recent discoveries such as the 2003 Nobel Prize (aquaporins in human cells) or the high tech labs testing, is forcing the discussion about water structures, water memory and frequencies. It is obviously a welcome debate for the practitioners using homeopathy, as it validates the founding principle of homeopathy. it also infers that energies and the electromagnetic reality of health is real, so it is challenging to a lot of people.

More and more books are being written on the subject and proposing various theories to explain the findings. For those in touch with nature and holistic medicine, it makes sense. We're meant to consume foods as presented by nature, sugars with the fibers (as in a a fruit) for example. Water is the same thing, it's meant to be drunk structured, like in a flowing river or water from fruit/vegetables which is also structured water.

Water is the source of life and has incredible properties when structured, that help us understand why it is in that form that we should consume water.


Some of those properties explained in the leading books are:

  • The ability to retain information (storing toxic frequencies or good frequencies) or be wiped clean

  • Smaller sized groups of water molecules

  • Higher oxygenation properties

  • Higher penetration into cells

  • And much more...

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Some of the key structured water books and best sellers

By structuring water you are reducing the size of water groups and facilitating entry in all cells, resulting in a deep hydration with many therapeutic benefits. The H3O2 being charged negatively helps deliver single file H2O molecules through aquaporins and deliver more oxygen inside cells. See research below.

Let's look at some of the key concepts behind structured water and potential explanations to why results are reported by people who drink it.

The discovery of Aquaporins in 2003 was ground-breaking to understand cellular hydration

The Nobel prize of Chemistry was awarded in 2003 to Peter Agre. Link here.

Before then, water was understood to be absorbed only through Osmosis, but this discovery changes everything: All cells have nano sized channels to allow water to enter, being one molecule of H2O large.

It suddenly makes sense. Smaller clusters of water (from structured water) are better around cells than large cluster of water (regular, unstructured water). Flooding your body with structured water should help all your cells get the water they need in the amount they require! Full hydration at the cellular level.

But also, the water that goes inside the cell is clean in vibration and energy, so not only more water enters the cells, but that water is clean.

This could, in part, explain why first time users  of structured water experience symptoms such as, peeing much less (better hydration), headaches (deep hydration generating detoxification) and better energy.

This better hydration may lead to better natural function of cells, reduction of oxidative stress, better management of free radicals, and general homeostasis support which may explain some of the anti ageing properties observed.

As with most cutting edge research, we may not fully understand how it all works yet, but the results observed, the studies and the research being done, are starting to form a strong frame to our understanding of health and the crucial role of structured water.


Copyright. MPTG Computational Biophysics - Camilo Aponte-Santamaría

Getting water through Aquaporins make cells function optimally through deep hydration and deep oxygenation

Since Aquaporins are tiny channels, charged in a specific way to only let H2O molecules through, the best way to flood the cells with water has been for the water outside of the cell to be in small clusters or clusters that break off to chains of lined up H2O molecules.

Research is showing there are various types of aquaporins in all cells, and a lot of diseases can be linked to a lack of oxygen in the cells. What would create that lack of oxygen? A malfunctioning aquaporin due to mercury? Or Water clustered too thickly to really penetrate well the cells?

Kidney cells have aquaporins.  Do you want to detox well, can structured water be a game changer when it comes to kidney function? (or is it just a game changer for any cells?)

Whilst we can only ask questions at that stage, those aquaporins not functioning or cells not getting enough water (a key source of intracellular oxygen) seem to appear frequently when disease happens.

Is low oxygen cellular inflammation something that can be simply remediated by structured water?

This is cutting edge science and all very recent, but it is a main theory in the field that size of water clusters and aquaporins are linked to the main hydration  and oxygenation benefit observed. 

Research is exploring structured water and finding potential explanations

Study: Effect of Antioxidant Water on the Bioactivities of Cells

Abstract: "It has been reported that water at the interface of a hydrophilic thin film forms an exclusion zone, which has a higher density than ordinary water. A similar phenomenon was observed for a hydrated hydrophilic ceramic powder, and water turns into a three-dimensional cell-like structure composed of high density water and low density water. This structured water appears to have a stimulative effect on plant growth. This report outlines our study of antioxidant properties of this structured water and its effect on cell bioactivities. Culturing media which were prepared utilizing this antioxidant structured water promoted the viability of RAW 264.7 macrophage cells by up to three times. The same tendency was observed for other cells including IEC-6, C2C12, and 3T3-L1. Also, the cytokine expression of the splenocytes taken from a mouse spleen increased in the same manner. The water also appears to suppress the viability of cancer cell, MCF-7. These results strongly suggest that the structured water helps the activities of normal cells while suppressing those of malignant cells."

Study: Structured Water Layers Adjacent to Biological Membranes

Abstract: "Water amid the restricted space of crowded biological macromolecules and at membrane interfaces is essential for cell function, though the structure and function of this “biological water” itself remains poorly defined. The force required to remove strongly bound water is referred to as the hydration force and due to its widespread importance, it has been studied in numerous systems. Here, by using a highly sensitive dynamic atomic force microscope technique in conjunction with a carbon nanotube probe, we reveal a hydration force with an oscillatory profile that reflects the removal of up to five structured water layers from between the probe and biological membrane surface. Further, we find that the hydration force can be modified by changing the membrane fluidity. For 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine gel (Lβ) phase bilayers, each oscillation in the force profile indicates the force required to displace a single layer of water molecules from between the probe and bilayer. In contrast, 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine fluid (Lα) phase bilayers at 60°C and 1,2-dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine fluid (Lα) phase bilayers at 24°C seriously disrupt the molecular ordering of the water and result predominantly in a monotonic force profile."

Study: Effect of Health-Promoting Agents on Exclusion-Zone Size [Note: EZ water is another name for structured water]

Abstract: "It is now well-confirmed that hydrophilic surfaces including those within the cell generate structural changes in water. This interfacial water is ordered and acquires features different from the bulk. Amongst those features is the exclusion of colloidal and molecular solutes from extensive regions next to the hydrophilic surface, thereby earning it the label of “exclusion zone” (EZ) water. The transition of ordered EZ water to bulk serves as an important trigger of many cellular physiological functions, and in turn cellular health. We tested physiological doses of half a dozen agents generally identified to restore or build health on the extent to which they build EZs. All agents known to enhance biological function resulted in EZ expansion. On the other hand, the weed killer, glyphosate, considerably diminished EZ size. While the expansion effect of the health-promoting agents was observed over a wide range of concentrations, excessive doses ultimately reduced EZ size. We hypothesize that EZ buildup may be a mechanistic feature underlying many health-promoting agents, while agents that impair health may act by diminishing the amount of EZ water"

Structured water seems to enhance all livings cells, vegetal, animal, human...

You will find all over the web, that people are experimenting with structured water to increase agricultural yield! Strawberries, beans, radishes, plants, the effect on growth is significant. We'll take the hypothesis, that it would be impossible for everybody to fake those experiments on a global scale and find the same results, even though we have no means to verify the claims.



How about these two experiments on strawberries? 20% increased nutrients after one spray of structured water, more luscious, more volume, better longer roots... 


Plants have aquaporins (click here to dig deeper) , same as humans and animals, if they react like that to structured water, it's only logical we see similar incredible results on humans and animals drinking structured water.

You may also use your structured water for your plants and your pets.


Water has memory and carries information!

When Jacques Benveniste, a renowned French research, academic and respected scientist, shocked the world in 1988 with his discovery, he thought this would change the world.

Water with the energy of a toxin creates the same immune response as the toxin itself as per a 1988 study.

He discovered that immune cells reacted the same way to diluted water (containing no pathogen) as when in contact to the pathogen itself. His discovery was key in validating homeopathy and as such, the scientific community destroyed his career. 

"Professor Jacques Benveniste published, in the international scientific journal Nature, claims that extremely high 'ultramolecular' dilutions of an antibody had effects in the human basophil degranulation test, a laboratory model of immune response. In other words, the water diluent 'remembered' the antibody long after it was gone. His findings were subsequently denounced as 'pseudoscience' and yet, despite the negative impact this had at the time, the idea has not gone away."

But his legacy is critical to understanding, why wiping the bad information contained in water gives relief to your immune system.

Removing that negative energy by structuring water could therefore relieve the immune system! The immune cells believe clean water with toxins information is the same as dirty water full of those toxins. So how toxic does tap water feels to our body if it never loses the information it gained in contact with toxins in the sewers?

Your immune system is what keeps you healthy. Not wasting it on creating antibodies or reacting is critical. Also alleviating the toxic load of the water you drink, helps your immune system focus on the real threats.

Is this why structured water is explored for cancer support? Total and structured water in cancer: an NMR experimental study of serum and tissues in DMBA-induced OF1 mice

If you want more, check out the video section.  Or the key pioneers like Gerald Pollack. This is truly fascinating.

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