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Erik Lavigne - Inventor of the water Vortexer Jug

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30 years of Research In A Jug

Inventor Viktor Schauberger discovered as early as 1930, the water can change the structure of, among other things, transport through straight pipes.

Schauberger invented a transport system for rafting timber in open channels that moved through the landscape in the same pattern as the river in the natural course. A kind of fins had been placed in the wooden ducts, which led the water in a spiral motion. This movement kept the timber at the center of the stream of water.

He also demonstrated, left turn, implosion is the structure of life, right turn, explosion, degradation.

According to Schauberger, and many others with him, the implosion technique is the energy source of the future. energy and life form. Read his book, "The Living Water" by Oluf Alexanderson, or "Living Water" which is yet to be published in English.

At the same time, the Danish researcher Arne H. Paulsen studied nature extensively, and the knowledge, in conjunction with Schauberer's coverings, underlies, among other things. a Living Water Vortex water treatment system, which many also know as `Living Water Vortex Jug 'water jug.

The idea for the water jug ​​was developed by Julia Vøldan, Humlegården in North Zealand, together with Arne H. Paulsen around 1950.

Julia Vøldan knew of Professor Varburg's 1932 Nobel Prize.

Varburg described how a cancer cell did not survive a biopsy / tissue test with a cancerous node, if the Ph mole environment was above about 6.8.

Julia Vøldan thought that an increased Ph in drinking water could be beneficial and strengthen our immune system.

It was the beginning of the watering jug Living Water Vortexér.

The system is simple and based on nature's own premises.

Whether you study the movement of the planets in the sky, or a drop of water in a microscope, you will discover the micro and the macrocosm moving in the same pattern.

Many people do not understand something so simple can work, people will complicate things. The secret is sometimes right at our feet, you just have to pick it up. Try to pick a maple seed yourself from the ground and throw it up in the air. It will descend like a small helicopter and make the same movement as the water in the pitcher during the process.

Erik Lavigne

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