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Customer testimonials

Smiling Senior Woman

My right eye was much improved this morning – there was an absence of eye being glassy or bleary and it did open easier.  I am putting this improvement down to both drinking structured water and to bathing my eye in structured water.  I am using pure water purchased from the supermarket for the Living Water Vortex.  The water is very very nice.

Both my eyes are so much better.  My mother had dry eyes and I was developing this condition as well.  I am finding my eyes are now normal after bathing them morning and night for last two weeks.  I am also bathing my face twice a day.  I notice my skin is brighter and has a nice shine. 

I feel my skin is looking good – brighter which means to me age spots of less visible.  I am sleeping well except when I was overtired last Friday night after a very hectic week of work out west.  I did sleep two hours Saturday afternoon which was really good for me.  Due to my skin being older I will persist with the washing and as well it feels cool and fresh.

B.F., Queensland


I have received the Water Vortex Carafe, thank you very much. It’s been at least 30 years since I could drink tap water. As soon as I drank it I got dysentery, as if the water was contaminated.

And so I drank only bottled water, water for infants elsewhere, I can only stand this water. And so I had to go get this water in organic stores, or at Sunstore. I've carried packs and water packs of it for years.

I can't thank you enough, because ever since I tested the Water Vortex. The water is still infinitely better than the water I bought, I have never drunk water like this before. She is miraculous and wonderful, she is magic. I gave it to mom, since Sunday in 2 days she's been in better shape, more awake, more alert, with memory returning. It’s just unbelievably wonderful.

By nature I am a skeptical man, I only believe what I can touch or taste, otherwise I do not believe it. But here this water is extraordinary and magical mega giga tera. A thousand thousand thanks to you, for everything you do. Hope to hear from you soon I hope? I wish you a great summer.

Most of the water we have on tap here in Yverdon-les-Bains comes from the lake, and is very hard, and very often very chlorinated. The more chlorinated it was, the sicker I got.

What is totally amazing is even and only in the "Harmonize" position the water becomes incredibly smooth, and totally tasteless. I have super sensitive taste buds, well I can't smell a thing at all, and the water is silky smooth. In addition, the water seems to be as luminous, or ultra transparent. A mum's caregiver drew my attention last night to the fact that tap water in a glass of water is darker and duller as dead, while water that has passed through the Water Vortex is almost sparkling, so limpid, filled with life and energy.

It’s simply magical, in fact it’s water that becomes magic, water filled with the joy of life

T.B., Yverdon, Switzerland

Girl Drinking Water

Hard to believe, I know, but of the dozen people I blind tested, eleven preferred the taste of the spun water, and the other had a cold. I have had the Jug at home for several months now, and water consumption by my family has soared from the odd glass to around 4 liters a day.

This probably indicates, as the makers claim, that the body needs water which is restructured in this way.

J.A., Review In Permaculture Magazine, UK

Image by Michael Oeser

I had trouble weaning my teenage boys off fizzy drinks, as London tap water is so hard it is difficult to swallow. Now all the family drink lots of sweet, lively, pure water from the Vortex Jug.

D.M, London, UK

Image by Carolien van Oijen

My cats won't drink our tap water. Introduced to water from the jug, they now drink it regularly. As animals reject anything that is not good for them, this is a good blind test.

D.F., Isle of Wright, UK

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