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Product usage guide

The jug contains 1.8 litre.

The process takes 3.3 to 7.3 minutes.


The water is ready, when the bubbles have settled after about 10 minutes.


The water quality reaches its highest after 4 hours, when the hydrogen molecules have stabilized after the process. 


The water holds the energy for a long time, sometimes months, but it is recommended to drink it within 1-2 days.

Water Vortex jug silver medal.PNG

Always fill the jug exactly as marked to achieve an optimal vortex and thereby the best water quality.

The timer in the jug stops the propeller from spinning when the program is done.

The silver-coated propeller has an antiseptic effect. Remember to polish it if it becomes tarnished to maintain the antiseptic effect. Its delicate, so be gentle.

You may want to place the lid on a lukewarm radiator overnight approximately 1-2 times a week. This will remove any condensation, which might occur because of temperature shifts in the process. Place the lid with the propeller facing down.

Clean the jug before use. Clean the jug and lid with a moistened cleaning tissue. Remove limestone stains with lemon or vinegar. Do not use any other types of solvents. Do not immerse the lid into liquid. Do not use dishwasher!

Always remove the lid before placing in the refrigerator.

The 3 main settings


There are 3 programmed buttons control speed and time.


Left symbol “few bubbles”: For plain tap water. Use this button when you have completed your 3 weeks of getting used to the energized water.

Middle symbol “many bubbles”: For slightly contaminated water, chlorinated purified water. Run the program twice, wait for the bubbles to disappear, before pressing the button the second time. The propeller runs for approx. 7-8 minutes. By using this program, the water will become stronger/more energized. In case of any discomfort go back to the symbol with fewer bubbles/left symbol.

Right symbol “tuning fork”: Programmed to get you started using the CLEAN WATER VORTEXér. Some sensitive people actually reported they go back and only use this program.

The typical first few weeks

Many of our cell types are renewed within 21 days and it takes roughly this long to get used to the energetic quality of vortexed water, so we have calculated an acclimation period of approximately 6 weeks*.

During your start up phase use only the “tuning fork” button (for getting attuned).

Start up program:

Week 1:
Fill jug and push the “tuning fork” button once. Start with ½-1 glass of water on the first day. On day 2, if you do not feel any discomfort, drink 1-2 glasses. Continue this for a week.

Week 2 and 3:
A single push of the “tuning fork” button. Drink up to about 1 liter per 40 kilo body weight, as long as you do not feel any discomfort.

After 3-6 weeks without any discomfort, you are now ready to use a single push of the “few bubbles” setting. If you feel any discomfort – drink less.

When the body gets used to the altered energy and quality of the vortexed water, you may want to use the “many bubbles” program to increase the energy in the water. But if this seems too strong, go back to the previous setting.
Only run the “many bubbles” setting twice if you have very low quality water.

Using Structured Water during treatment

If you have been recommended by your health practitioner to use the Vortexer Jug to enhance the treatment, make sure you follow his/her instructions.

Structured water recharges cells and have many researched benefits which should be complement the treatment, however it is very important to listen to your body.

We will create with Australian partner practitioners specific posologies for specific pathologies and their treatment.

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