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A Product Designed Around Modern Needs

Nature's Design 

The shape of the jug, the pace of the rotor, the shape of the vortex and torroid are all recreating precisely Nature's design and follow the Golden Mean / Fibonacci.

Cost Efficient and No Hassle

No water pipes to cut, no unit to install under the sink, no labor required. No expensive add on or replacement parts. No heavy glass jars to spin...

Just pour water in the jug and enjoy structured water.

High Quality

High tech , Award winning, Ecozen bioplastic (as good as glass) no Bpa, no phtalate non leaching , silver coating, robust motor. Designed and Assembled In Denmark

50 Spin Cycles Per Charge

Charge the water Vortexer Jug once (USB or Regular Plug), and enjoy up to 3 weeks worth of structured water, at home or on the go.

Intuitive Use

3 settings: Select the short or long spin cycle depending on the quality of the water used.


Select the tuning button to get used to the higher energy water at first.

Peace Of Mind

Money back guarantee for 30 days and 2 years warranty. No questions asked. You love it, feel the difference or send it back.

Highest quality materials and design backed by 30 years of research

Lid Containing Motor And Electronics

World Class Ecozen BioPlastic 

Natural Egg Shape Bottom For Perfect Vortex

Water jug spin original.jpg

Sturdy And Easy Grip Handle

1.8L Capacity

Safe USB/ Classic Charging From the Top And 3 Settings

Water Jug Original.jpg
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