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How To Make Structured Water At Home

If you're reading this, you already know about structured water. You may know it under different names. It's also called: dynamised water, energized water, biophotonic water, hexagonal water, EZ water or 4th phase water, living water...

Each name puts forward a property that users of structured water report.

For example, some of our customers have reported that the water is:

- more luminous

- more gel-like

- sweeter (although nobody is calling it "sweet water")

- gives more energy ...

- easier to drink and absorbed fully by the mouth, some say it feels like it enters the whole mouth instead of just going through.

But how do you make that water?

Before our living water vortexer jug was made available in Australia, in November 2020, this was quite hard to make structured water.

You had 3 options:

- Buy a structuring unit on your water pipe, this is costly and quite inconvenient. You're usually looking at $1000 $1500 for the unit, and the labor cost of a plumber (and the cost to remove/ replace the pipe when you leave the house). But the main problem is that you'll be structuring tap water... and whilst it's better to drink structured tap water instead of tap water, you may want to drink mineral or filtered water as the base water to be structured.

- Buy structured water in a bottle. Costly, and wasteful. And not always available where you are. Finally, you'll not know the energy level of the water you drink. Transport, heat, light, time being in storage, will impact the energy of the water.

- Structure water using other structuring units. The main problems of those units is that they're bulky and very expensive. Usually about $1500 to $2000, with filters to replace costing $200 each. They also do other things to the water which may or may not be required.

Now, you have an option that is affordable, convenient and consistently delivering high energy water! Unique in the world. It's our water jug, it's still a product in its infancy, and by getting one of those jugs, you'll be one of a very few to have one.

A third of the price of the existing units, on the go and convenient, make your own water at home easily, choose any type of water to put in the jug to structure, use it for cooking, gardening, your face wash and moisturising routine ... this jug is giving anybody the ability to use and experiment with this water.

Join the club of those who are ahead of their times.

Get a jug here. We have just a few left and sold most of our stock (we've reordered more).

Recreate the wonderful state of natural water found in a river in your own kitchen with the living water vortexer jug.

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