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Why do people report that their cats LOVE the vortexed water? They even notice it immediately! Why?

With cutting edge science comes a problem, we don't know everything yet. So we just have to go with theories and connect the few scientific facts we do have!

We know cats have an exceptional sense of electromagnetic fields, the ability of travel using the earth electromagnetic field seems to be a widespread ability for quite a few animals, Turtles, migrating birds, elephants, felines like tiger or cats...

We human may be able to sense them too, yet that ability may be overwhelmed by our other senses.

Dogs for example have proven magnetoreceptors, for cats, they're likely to be the whiskers / nose zone.

Is there something different to our structured water? Yes, the water is structured through a vortex which means it contains some water with a negative charge, organised in a lattice of h3o2 molecules attached in hexagonal formations. This would change the electromagnetic field of the water.

That electromagnetic signature of "fresh water" from a river, or our vortexed water, may create an instinctive response from the cat who then identifies the water as clean and safe.

The same way, the cat will fall back to its feet by probably using those same magnetoreceptors!

We humans notice it too, however, we notice more, the silky smooth water, the lighter nature or the purer taste than its different signature.

We're planning to run the experiment, but when you run a field tester, before and after structuring, we see differences, so as far as scientific protocol goes, structure does change the electromagnetic field of the water. Cats sense that. Since that water is clean and safe when found in nature, cats prefer to drink that water and, this would explain why cats jump on it.

That's our theory, and the fact almost everybody who has a cat tells us that their cat love the water like never before is a testament to how strong the vortexed structured water is.

As one of our customers in Europe said, "cats know what's good or not."

The only problem is the jug will be spinning all day long when you put all the family on structured water. Humans, Pets, and Plants...


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