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Is Water The Key To DNA Preservation?

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

As the world is starting to accept the central role of structured water in everything living, we are starting to find out potential explanations of the reported anti ageing benefits of structured water.

This research from 2019 shows the presence of water directly holding the DNA structure together and proposes some explanations to what it means.

In the structured water world, it is accepted that our body structures water and that structured water penetrates cells more efficiently through the aquaporins. Or, we also accept that inside a cell, water is structured, so having structured water in the terrain balances pressure on the cell membranes.

Those two mechanisms would participate to better cellular health.

If we want to go further, It is interesting to note that if water is holding the DNA together, that it connects with another theory that water holds information and the accepted scientific fact that genes can be switched on and off.

So, could structured water help reset information present around the DNA? Could structured water be an epigenetic reset switch? If an ailment is epigenetic, can structured water help?

Let's say you have a gene involved in stress induction that is turned on by having the wrong information contained in the water around it? Can we switch that off with structured water?

Could this in part explain why EMFs create such DNA damage? If water around our DNA is holding negative information and triggers genes inappropriately, is this one of the mechanism explaining why EMFs create slow but long term damage to human cells?

One thing is sure, it may take a long time for us to fully understand how and why structured water seems to combat ageing, but it's great to see that research on water is progressing around the world.

That is an ineluctable process of scientific discovery, what is ridiculed first and then denied, is, after, considered normal. There will be a time where structuring water will be normal and completely logical.

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