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Is structured water the next frontier for a youthful skin?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

When it comes to what structured water it seems the benefits are endless and sound completely crazy.

Can structured water fight ageing? Can it rejuvenate the skin?

Let's look at some serious science first!

The skin can be impacted by structured water both externally (by topical application) and internally (through nutrition and lifestyle).

We'll be soon running tests with people drinking structured water AND applying on their face daily.

We have an idea of what the results will be if we take into account the feedback of our customers worldwide. But this will be interesting!

After that, we'll be trying as per the article above, to test our structured water impact on the skin response to the sun. Something that should come handy in Australia!

You can now make your own Structured Water at home using any water (tap or filtered) for less than 72 cents per day!* Drink it any time, anywhere. Great for applying topically to your skin, and for your beloved pets and plants.

(*based on the full price of a Water Vortexer Jug amortised over a minimum two years as covered by our product manufacturer's warranty)

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