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Transform your tap, filtered or mineral water into what your body really needs.


Why should you drink Structured Water?

Discover how structured water could help you achieve better hydration, oxygenation and the associated health and well-being benefits.

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Take your favorite water and give it energy as nature intended! Easy, affordable, you'll notice the difference.

Find out more.

The easy way to make structured water at home

For Practitioners

Read the latest structured water research and empirical findings.

Apply to join our exclusive Structured Water Pioneers Program.

Make Structured Water at home with the Award-winning Vortexer Jug.

Pour water into the jug, select vortexing cycle, enjoy your life enhancing water!

Enjoy the health benefits associated with deep cellular hydration and oxygenation in one simple step.

Copyright. The Magnetic Egg. Ken Wheeler. 2015

Humans, animals and plants need Structured Water... and your household water isn't structured!


It's a long story, full of Nobel prizes, discoveries and controversy – but you can enhance ANY water by structuring it, and with that comes many potential benefits including deeper hydration and oxygenation of cells. All of your cells may benefit from being more hydrated; some benefits could be seen or felt immediately whilst others will be long term and unnoticeable.

Whether you want to go deep into the research or just try it for yourself, the feedback we're receiving about the Vortexer Jug is along the same lines: Structured Water tastes and feels different to most of our customers, initially creating detox-like symptoms (e.g. fatigue) before increasing energy levels and water intake, which may help with skin vitality, improved sleep, sharper mental focus, reduced water loss (i.e. fewer bathroom breaks). Since all cells do better when fully hydrated, most of our customers have reported some form of improvement in their well-being. Finally, plants and animals love it, too. No "placebo effect" there!

Tap water is not structured.  Most bottled water is not structured.  Only structuring water systems – like the Living Water Vortexer Jug – will structure water. Filtering, ionising, alkalising, will not structure water in most cases, but can be used in the Living Water Vortexer Jug for complementary health benefits.  Whatever water you prefer to drink, you can structure it with the Living Water Vortexer Jug.

Drink Structured Water every day at home


The Living Water Vortexer Jug allows you to drink water in the structured form that mimics Nature.  Structured Water is a revolution for your health and homeostasis.  It is the simplest way to support the restoration of the function of all of your body's cells, and promotes deep cellular hydration, which is critical to good health.   


In your own home or in your drink bottle on the go. You'll immediately understand how water is supposed to be: smooth, light, and better absorbed by your body... If you want to understand more about the health benefits and science behind Structured Water, take a look at our curated selection of videos here.

Designed and assembled by hand in Denmark, the Living Water Vortexer Jug is the result of years of research and experimentation based on the work of Austrian biomimicry experimenter and scientific genius, Viktor Schauberger (1885 - 1958), and brought to the modern world by Danish engineer and inventor, Erik Lavigne, who has dedicated 30 years' to perfecting this jug.

Now in its second generation, the Living Water Vortexer Jug has been awarded a Silver Medal at the Geneva International Inventors Convention in 2018 and is now sold all over the world.  It is exclusively available in Australia here at 

Buy a Living Water Vortexer Jug today and enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee and two years' warranty.  

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What is Structured Water?

It's the form of water that you find in nature. It is water that has acquired a structure through a transformation process and acquired specific properties as a result. In a wild stream, the constant movement and flow create vortices that structure the water into a hexagonal or crystalline lattice pattern. 


The global research on structured water has been exploding for the past 50 years and many names are used: 4th phase water, dynamised water, biophotonic water, crystalline water, Exclusionary Zone "EZ" water, energised water... The properties are the same. The water contains negatively charged H3O2 molecules, forms lattices and smaller clusters than regular water and as such, it is believed to have powerful benefits for all living cells.  Certainly, if you read the customer testimonies from the Living Water Vortexer Jug this seems to be the case! 

Its role as a therapeutic and vitality agent have been studied in depth. Some of those findings are:

  • May be better absorbed and provide deeper hydration and oxygenation to the cell - which would in turn, make cells function optimally

  • May help reduce inflammation in the body

  • Thought to "wipe clean"  all polluting information in the water e.g. pesticides, toxins, heavy metals, negatives EMFs...

  • Charges water negatively (which all livings cells absolutely love)

  • Demonstrated to score up to 3x higher energy on the Bovis scale than bottled water

When all your cells are working to their potential, fully hydrated, all functions in all organs are performed as they should. This is great health.


Customer Testimonial

"I can't thank you enough, because ever since I tested the Water Vortex. The water is still infinitely better than the water I bought, I have never drunk water like this before. She is miraculous and wonderful, she is magic. I gave it to mom, since Sunday in 2 days she's been in better shape, more awake, more alert, with memory returning. It’s just unbelievably wonderful" T.B, Yverdon, Swtizerland

What happens when you freeze Structured Water?




Does it look like normal frozen water to you?


Look at this experiment

This photo shows an experiment by American inventor, Ken Wheeler, that demonstrates without a doubt that water is not what many think it is. At the top, the less structured water freezes like classic ice, but around the magnet, perfect geometrical shapes can be seen, proving the existence of fields, structure and transmission to water. The 'egg shape' of the vessel is the same egg shape reproduced in the Vortexer Jug.

As a holistic practitioner or a health conscious person, you understand that water is a special element for life and health. Da Vinci, one of the greatest minds of human history said, "Water is the driving force of Nature". It wouldn't be the first time ancient holistic knowledge is proven to be true! Structured water is different and behave in particular ways, experiments all over the world are proving this as a fact.

Or maybe you can check those scientist using the latest technology and saying without a doubt that there is structured water.

Magnetic field in water proof.PNG

Make your own Structured Water at Home with the Living Water Vortexer Jug

Nature's Design
The shape of the jug, the pace of the rotor, the shape of the vortex and torroid are all recreating precisely Nature's design and follow the Golden Mean / Fibonacci. 
High Quality
High tech award winning Ecozen bioplastic (as good as glass) no Bpa, no phthalate non leaching , silver coating, robust motor. Designed and Assembled In Denmark
Intuitive Use
3 cycles. That's it. First use, medium and high. Follow the settings so that the detox is progressive.
Cost Efficient and No Hassle

No water pipes to cut, no unit to install under the sink, no labor required. No expensive add on or replacement parts. One time purchase.


For only $522 when other solutions cost around $1.500/$2.000

50 Spin Cycles Per Charge
Charge the water Vortexer jug once (USB or Regular wall plug), and enjoy up to 3 weeks worth of structured water, at home or on the go.
Peace Of Mind

Money back guarantee for 30 days and 2 years warranty. No questions asked.


You love it, or send it back for a full refund.

Hand-assembled in Europe with the highest quality materials.  Danish design and engineering backed by 30 years of research.

Lid Containing Motor And Electronics

World Class Ecozen BioPlastic

Natural Egg Shape Bottom For Perfect Vortex

Water jug spin original.jpg

Sturdy And Easy Grip Handle

1.8L Capacity

Safe USB/ Classic Charging From the Top And 3 Settings

Water Jug Original.jpg
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